Softing IT Networks – CableMaster 600

Tests networks and coaxial cables

  • Carry out a PoE load test to ensure trouble-free operation of PoE devices (displays voltage and power)
  • Quickly document your work within a blink of the eye with screenshots of your test results
  • Test your network and coax cabling quickly and conveniently (RJ45 and F-coaxial connectors)
  • Get an overview of the correct cable wiring with a graphical display in wire map format
  • Determine cable lengths and distance to cable faults with a full TDR measurement

Download: CableMaster 600



Cabling tester for network, telephone, coax cabling as well as determining the cable length and distance to the fault

Equipped with a RJ45 jack for network cables and an F-connector for coax cables, CableMaster 600 verifies the wire map, determines the cable length and distance to the fault. The results can be saved and documented using the PC-based reporting software. CableMaster 600 offers a multitude of functions for trouble-shooting such as cable tracing, link detection up to 1Gb/s, PoE tests and port/outlet identification with ID remotes.

CableMaster 600 is perfectly suited for professional installers and network operators who are challenged with testing network (RJ45) and coax cabling, verifying the correct wiring, determining cable lengths and documenting all this in test reports.

  • Tests network and coaxial cables (RJ45 jack and F connector)
  • Displays wire map in graphical format for rapid trouble-shooting
  • Determines cable length and distance to the cable fault performing a full TDR measurement
  • High resolution color display for excellent readability in any environment
  • Generation of test reports and documentation with PC-based reporting software
  • Extensive test and fault finding capabilities such as: Cable tracing/port identification using a tone probe, PoE detection and testing, Link test up to 1 Gb/s, Outlet/port identification with ID remotes

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