Foundation Fieldbus usb Interface

USB Interface to Access FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 Networks

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Product Description

USB Interface to Access FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 Networks

The FFusb Interface provides direct access to FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segments and FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 field devices. This USB interface does not interfere with any running process control system. The product includes a free Communication DTM and offers a programming interface for integration into proprietary systems.

  • Temporary Fieldbus Access
  • Full Network Functionality
  • FDT Frame Integration

Quick-and-Easy Access to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Networks

The FFusb Interface provides direct access to FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks from any Notebook or PC via a USB interface. The small form factor and portability makes it easy to carry this interface board to the shop floor, temporarily attach it to the fieldbus, and interact with individual field devices. The FFusb Interface eliminates the need to install expensive stationary equipment to gain network access simultaneous to the host system.

Full Parameterization, Configuration and Monitoring Functionality

The FFusb interface is ideally suited for a “benchtop” setup to perform tasks like preconfiguration and firmware updates of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 devices. In addition, the interface is capable of configuring small FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks and monitoring individual field devices, Function Blocks, and Function Block parameters. In summary, the functionality included with the FFusb Interface eliminates the need to carry various individual products and makes this product an ideal companion to any process control system.

Easy Integration into FDT Frame Applications and Other Systems

The FFusb interface includes a high-performance FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication DTM that supports all standard FDT container applications. This Communication DTM enables the data exchange between devices connected to the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 network and the appropriate Device DTM. In addition, the product is designed to support compliant asset management systems. The programming interface (API) of the FFusb Interface supports the tight integration into individual configuration and device parameterization systems. For example, Yokogawa’s FieldMate configuration tool, Version R2.03 or higher, utilizes this API to provide built-in support for the FFusb Interface.
More information to Yokogawa’s FieldMate Versatile Device Management Software
FieldMate Lite, a trial version of R3.01 is available on Yokogawa’s website