Rugged Xeon Server for unmanned vehicles with wide input

The requirements of our customer was a mobile, fanless server, which reliably handles the data processing for an unmanned vehicle in a rough environment. The data to be processed is provided by various sensors and cameras. In addition, the solution had to be easily integrated into an existing concept and space. These were the main points of the customer specifications.A big advantage was, of course, the impressive performance of the MXCS Xeon Server:

  • Fanless
  • Temperature range -20°C to +60°C
  • Simple interface expansion
  • Suitable for mobile server applications

With these requirements, it was easy for MPL to implement the ideal solution for the customer. With a volt input expansion, the galvanic input voltage range could be increased to the desired 43-160VDC. With the additional interface expansions, the MXCS server could cover the desired need for sensors and cameras. For any technical questions, the design engineer team of the MXCS immediately took care of them and solved them.

MPL makes demanding solutions simple.

Key features of the MXCS solutions are:

  • Intel Xeon CPU, up to 16 Cores
  • up to 128GB ECC DDR4
  • Conductive cooling concept
  • Embedded, Rugged, Reliable
  • Ultra Low power consumption, e.g. MXCS 1548OF-1 with Intel Xeon D-1548, 8 Cores, less than 40 watts
  • Various housings and packaging depending on the mounting and installation requirements
  • Meets or exceeds all common standards
  • Consequent use of components for extended temperatures out of the embedded programs with long-term availability
  • Long-term available (10+ years, 20+ years repair)

The MXCS server is 100% developed and produced by MPL AG in Switzerland.

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