Softing IT Networks – Patch Cord Test Adapter

Fast and accurate dual-ended testing

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Test your patch cords with WireXpert

Poor quality patch cords are often cause of under-performance of otherwise good quality cabling channels. It is a good practice to confirm the performance of purchased patch cords.

WireXpert offers an efficient way for quickly identifying and recording the performance of patch cords. With its fast and accurate dual-ended testing, WireXpert’s patch cord test kits are suitable for both manufacturing testing, as well as for incoming inspection at end user premises.

WireXpert patch cord test kits are available for testing CAT 5E, CAT 6 and CAT 6A patch cords.

  • Fast, 10-seconds autotest performs dual ended patch-cord certification testing
  • Intuitive selection of test configuration and limits
  • Kits available testing against all ISO and TIA patch-cord standards
  • Support for user-defined customized test limits
  • Seamless reporting in eXport software with copper test results
  • Automated standards based label creation, one label per patch-cord
  • Easy replacement of worn out patch-cord test jacks without opening the adapter
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