dataFEED uaGate SI

Embedded OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens PLCs

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Embedded OPC UA Server Gateway for Siemens PLCs dataFEED uaGate SI is a gateway to Siemens PLCs that can be integrated into new or existing plants and provides OPC UA Server functionality. It allows the implementation of easy and secure data connectivity with higher-level management systems, such as ERP, MES or SCADA. dataFEED uaGate SI combines a compact size with industry-proven hardware.

Easy Controller Connectivity

  • Connectivity between controllers and IT (ERP, MES, SCADA) systems as well as between controllers using the standardized, open, platform-independent and market-proven OPC UA standard
  • OPC UA technology supporting easy local and global networking as well as routing through firewalls
  • Gateway configuration based on web interface allowing easy symbol import directly from SIMATIC STEP 7 and TIA Portal projects

Ultimate Security

  • Physically separated network interfaces preventing intrusions
  • Individually protected access to PLC data
  • Separate configuration rights on controller and IT levels, especially beneficial to OEMs and machine builders wanting to keep proprietary controller configuration undisclosed
  • Data encryption and user authentication meeting highest security requirements

Investment Protection

  • Adding modern communication capabilities to existing plants
  • Standard component that can be integrated into both small and large automation projects
  • Suitable for new applications and retrofits

Zero Maintenance

  • All-hardware gateway – no need for software updates, operating system patches or PC maintenance
  • No PLC programming or dedicated PC required
  • Failure-free operation for years after device has been plugged-in and configured once

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