PC/104 Board for use with Slave CAN/CANopen

Single and dual channel interface boards in PC/104 format for use in CAN and CANopen networks.

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Universal PC/104 Interface Card with Onboard Microcontroller

Single and dual channel interface boards in PC/104 format for use in CAN and CANopen networks.

  • Fully Integrated into Mathworks xPC Target
  • Many Application Interfaces for Optimum Integration
  • Cost Effective and Rapidly Available Standard Version for a Wide Temperature Range

Flexible CAN Interface for Industrial and Embedded PCs

CAN-AC PC/104 allows PC applications to exchange data with the connected CAN bus. Available in single and dual channel versions with flexible programming interface and integration with Mathworks xPC Target, CAN-AC PC/104 is a universal interface solution for almost any CAN application – whether it’s machine controllers, PC-based applications, test rigs or real-time simulations.

Rapid Integration with the Right Software Interface

CAN-AC PC/104 provides an API that can be optimally configured to the application’s requirements. In FIFO mode, all sent and received messages are buffered to ensure that no data is lost when the computer is busy with other tasks. The Object Buffer mode allows the application to filter messages of interest, and automatically buffers the data recently received by the application. The application can use this data when needed, and is not burdened with the other messages. The CAN-AC PC/104 interface board can automatically transmit the data on the bus in exact, individually configurable cycles.

A CANopen Client API is also included for use in CANopen networks.

Suitable for many Target Systems and Extreme Temperatures

In addition to Windows, the board supports many other operating systems and real-time environments.

For applications used at operating temperatures between -25°C and +70°C, a suitable board is available as a standard version.

Special requirements for series use, including hardware customization, can be implemented according to customer specifications.

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