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The CANpro USB Interface Card equips a PC or notebook with a top performing CAN interface

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High Speed USB to CAN Interface Card for Mobile Use

The CANpro USB Interface Card equips a PC or notebook with a top performing CAN interface with very short response times. It is suitable for a wide variety of CAN and CANopen applications like control, measurement, configuration, and analysis tasks and is also available as a Heavy Duty version.

  • Top Performance
  • Universal Suitability
  • Comprehensive Functionality For Broad Usage

High Data Throughput Resulting in Short Response Time

The CANpro USB Interface Card makes use of the USB 2.0 High Speed standard. Its onboard processor and speed-optimized firmware allow for 100% bus load at 1Mbit/s, combining high data throughput with response times as short as 100μs. As a result, the CANpro USB is one of the fastest CAN interfaces available on the market, also suitable for time-critical applications. The speed advantages are accompanied by ease of use features including easy installation by simply connecting the USB cable of the interface card to the PC and the D-Sub connector to the CAN network. Furthermore, the USB interface eliminates the need for an additional power supply. LEDs indicate USB and CAN status.

Suitable for In-house or Mobile Usage

The CANpro USB comes with a small but robust metal housing suited for everyday use. The Heavy Duty version offers a lockable USB cable connector and a special mounting kit for fixing the cable and the CANpro USB to the PC. This version also supports an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. While the CANpro USB addresses standard mobile as well as stationary in-house applications, the CANpro USB heavy duty version is ideal for mobile use in harsh industrial environments.

Comprehensive Functionality Supporting a Wide Variety of Use Cases

Integrating the CANpro USB into a CAN application is easy. For handling individual CAN messages a C-based and a .NET-based API, both offering FIFO and Object Buffering operating modes, are part of the standard deliverables. A free LeanCANopen Client API is also included, which provides the CANopen functionality on the PC and allows the integration of CANopen applications like control, measurement, configuration and analysis. In addition, the CANpro USB is fully integrated into the popular X-Analyser software for CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet or J1939, which is available as an option.

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