5g & iot for greener future

78% Reduction on Emission in UK with 5G and IoT

UK Carbon emission can reduce by 78% by adopting to 5G and IoT based on new report by London consultancy WPI Economics.

Using new technology in areas of transportation, manufacturing and agriculture would decrease UK’s overall emission by 4% annually. It is equal to 17.4 million tons of emission.

In urban areas, carbon savings from transportation would be 87% while countryside contributes 37% in agriculture.


Smart IoT sensors used agriculture have a large potential to cut back waste and boost efficiency. Enough to save 4.8 million tons of CO2 equivalent emissions, same as the emissions in manufacturing 3 billion pints of milk.


Using IoT and 5G for more efficient telematics would do things like facilitate better and smarter logistics, shorter routes. It will result to less fuel consumption that would save 9.3 million tons a year of CO2 equivalent emissions, same as 2 million cars off the road.

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Using AI and smart building solutions speeds up manufacturing process and more energy efficient which can save up to 3.3 million tons decrease from CO2 emission same as manufacturing 0.6 million cars.

Telco to Zero

Telecom as a whole makes up about 1.4% of emissions worldwide, says research by Ericsson. Powering networks and IT contributes one-third of this carbon footprint. 3% of the global energy consumption also came from telecommunication industry so shifting to renewable sources to power telco facilities and equipment will greatly help reduce CO2 emission.

GSM Association, which represents worldwide mobile operators, has committed to help achieve zero carbon emission by 2050 in the mobile industry.

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