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AU: Hit the Road with Electric Vehicles

AU could see mass adoption of EV (Electric Vehicles) if the federal government kicks things into high gear, industry says.

Behyad Jafari, EV Council Head, said on Monday:

“After so many wasted years, Australia’s a long way back from the pack, but then again the cool thing about electric cars is how quickly they move from zero to a hundred,”

“It’s great that some state governments have received the global message, but at a national level we’re stuck in the past.”

Plug-in electric vehicle sales have more than tripled from 6,900 in 2020 to 24 078 in 2021.


Electric vehicles now account for a significant 2.39% market share of new vehicles, up from just 0.78% in 2020.

Jafari said governments encouraging new technology will have cleaner air, a reduction in respiratory diseases, a reduced carbon footprint and quieter roads.

“Those that lag will make themselves a dumping ground for old tech, dirty vehicles.”

A lot of people are now considering an EV and the government’s role is to help them make that leap.

“As a wealthy, car-loving, early-adapting nation, Australia should be an electric vehicle leader.”

Article inspired from AAP.

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