Connectivity solutions from Softing and Emerson help customers improve plant productivity and increase lifecycles

Detailed information about the condition of the plants can be collected using field devices in the process industry. With the collected data it could help in preventing maintenance work and in optimizing production processes. Many plant operators uses the DeltaV and Ovation control systems from the US company Emerson to transmit data and integrate it into higher-level systems. These customers uses Emerson’s AMS Device Manager (Asset Management Software Device Manager) for commissioning, diagnostics and troubleshooting of field devices connected to Emerson process automation systems. With this, they will achieve the state-of-the-art plant asset management that addresses the increasing demands for energy efficiency and flexibility in modern process production.

AMS in fieldbus plant

What about installations that use third-party controllers?

AMS Device Manager in applications is becoming popular to the customers due to it’s unique asset management capabilities with third-party components such as remote IOs or controllers from Schneider Electric, Siemens, ABB or Rockwell. Softing has developed a solution for integrating its FG-200 gateway with AMS Device Manager. The FG-200 gateway supports device redundancy and use in hazardous areas and enables the connection of up to four Foundation Fieldbus H1 links in control and plant asset management systems with Modbus support. This development was from the framework of Softing’s membership in Emerson’s DeltaV Alliance Product Program.

The gateway allows smooth data exchange

With the FG-200, AMS Device Manager can directly accesses the process data of Foundation Fieldbus field devices connected to the third-party control systems. Remote access to intelligent field devices by enterprise experts worldwide were enabled by this gateway. With this, it ensures the end-to-end, horizontal, and vertical networking and smooth data exchange without loss of information. With reliable diagnostic functionalities, plants operators could prevent any failures in time and operate a solid, efficient, and future-proof plant asset management.

The growing demand for the setup comes from Bo Monta, Sr. Service Engineer – Reliability Solutions, Middle East & Africa at Emerson Automation Solutions: “We are seeing great potential in this type of installation as companies are now becoming more aware that well-structured asset management would mean a better plant in terms of reliability, efficiency and operational effectiveness.”

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