Digital Process Automation

In Water and Wastewater

The increase of global population and climate change has made the water more valuable which resulted to a stricter environmental regulation and water treatment standards. Creating a digital water treatment and distribution systems is todays aim which increases the process automation solutions.

Multi-Protocol Process Control with dataFLOW Gateways

Accessing the system wide exchange of field device data is the prerequisite for a successful implementation that the dataFLOW gateways from Softing achieved.

Ethernet base

The benefits:
▪ Keeping the plant operational for service and efficiency
▪ Ensuring all compliance-related systems and instrumentation are working properly
▪ Compliance with the legal requirements

Reduced Configuration Time of Field Devices with mobiLink

Configuring all the installed field devices and implemented properly could help the plant operators to process optimization and cost savings. Commissioning and parameterization task on different field protocols in water and wastewater facilities would require an individual interfaces for each protocol which is costly and time-consuming.

One interface is provided by mobiLink and with mobile commissioning tool for HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA devices makes the access to field devices easy. It is a time saver with its feature that is capable of multi-protocol which makes it suitable for commissioning, pre-configuration, diagnostics and monitoring than other major engineering tools.

Water industry require a fast problem resolution is also mobiLink asset as it provides an easy and mobile access to field devices which includes those in harsh environment will help water industry to avoid safety and environmental repercussions. Once a malfunction in the device is identified it will be easy to replace, configure and parameterized which will be done with the mobiLink that is able to communicate with USB or Bluetooth with handheld host devices such as tablets or smartphones and displays the dives specific information in a time efficient manner.

dataFlow mobiLink

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