Ethernet and PROFINET network infrastructure

The new FLEXtra PROFINET switch from Helmholz combines IT and the control system world with flexible port assignment. Through intelligent components the amount of data has grown which increases intense pressure for efficiency and the necessity for the highest standard. The requirements for the network infrastructure are increasing as the expanding of the industrial systems.

Ethernet and PROFINET network infrastructure

PROFINET or Gigabit-Ethernet?

PROFINET or Gigabit-Ethernet, the system manufacturer has made the solution with the new FLEXtra PROFINET switch from Helmholz. PROFINET has the field bus level and communication takes place at the higher level with industrial Ethernet which is both possible and available with the FLEXtra PROFINET switch. It is also suitable for smallest control cabinets and sub-distributors due to the vertical cable approaches.

The FLEXtra PROFINET switch is equipped with 100 Mbps and 1 Gbit/s ports which makes the switch to be suitable for both PROFINET traffic and for communication between operating elements and various machines. Prioritizing the PROFINET frame traffic in the machine network is one of the PROFINET switch important function. The switch can differentiate if the frame is a web query, a FTP file transmission, a media stream, or a PROFINET frame. Important frames will be prioritized to prevent frame losses when a high transmission load, this is the clear and unambiguous segmentation between Ethernet and PROFINET.

Advanced possibilities:

These are the other management function that FLEXtra PROFINET supported aside from PROFINET, such as MRP (ring redundancy), VLAN (virtual LANs), SNMP, port mirroring, QoS/CoS mapping, SNTP and extensive statistics. The status port is being monitored and controlled with 2 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and a detailed PROFINET EA image in the PLC. It can be integrated into the engineering tool with the help of GSDML file which simplifies the management of diagnostics alarms from the own system.


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