HART-IP – Enabling asset optimization in the process industry (part 2 of 2)

Expanding the traditional automation pyramid through Namur Open Architecture
NAMUR Open Architecture will be yet another driver promoting the use of HART-IP. Although the structure of the classic automation pyramid offers a high level of operational reliability, it lacks the flexibility required for the implementation of new technologies in connection with Industry 4.0 solutions. This is why Namur has introduced the NOA (Namur Open Architecture) concept to expand the existing structure with an open OPC UA interface.

The Namur Open Architecture concept offers the possibility to export data from the previous automation world to the systems world for monitoring and optimization purposes, leaving core automation tasks largely unaffected. Alternatively, a second communication channel can directly access information from existing field devices. In view of this, more and more users and system providers are now focusing on HARTIP as an additional open interface.

HART-IP supports Industry 4.0 applications
HART-IP is the most suitable backhaul network for WirelessHART gateways and HART infrastructure components since both have the same application layer, which eliminates time consuming and error-prone 3/4 data mapping (e.g. for Modbus or OPC).

HART-IP is easy to deploy because it uses Ethernet infrastructure already available in most plants. Existing intelligent device management software can be upgraded to the latest version supporting HART-IP and the underlying WirelessHART gateways. While HART-IP might not revolutionize the entire process industry, it will make a significant contribution to promoting and, crucially, simplifying the exchange of data and information in process plants, thereby meeting the basic requirement for implementing Industry 4.0 applications.

With its smartLink DP product, Softing offers a NOA-compliant gateway that collects data from HART devices via PROFIBUS remote I/Os and makes it available via OPC UA in accordance with the companion specification. Moreover, a HART-IP server integrated into smartLink DP provides transparent access to HART field devices via Ethernet. In the future, it will be possible to use any HART-IP client, such as Emerson’s AMS Device Manager or ProComSol’s DevComDroid Android app, to set parameters, monitor and evaluate HART field devices via this open communication standard.

Features of HART-IP technology:

  • Easy to implement by using existing Ethernet infrastructure
  • Standardized use throughout the process plant
  • Intelligent device management via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Company-wide access to device data and condition-based diagnostics information as well as process data
    with no mapping required
  • Supports proactive maintenance strategy by providing fast access to diagnostics data
  • Compatible with standardized encryption protocols for data transport
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About Softing
Softing connects disparate automation components to feed data from the shop floor to the cloud for control and analytics. The company’s products enable the monitoring and diagnosis of communication networks and thus ensure a reliable data flow. In this way, they create the basis for the optimization of production processes.

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