Helmholz Webinar about data transfer from PROFINET to the Cloud

Helmholz a partner of Ti2, has recently shared an insightful webinar focusing on their product PN/MQTT Coupler and how to use their product to transfer data from PROFINET to the Cloud that was explained by Carsen Bokholt and presented by Bastian Ziegler.

Here are the list of the topics that were covered during that session:

• Introduction of Cloud Machine Data Access
• What is PN/MQTT Coupler
• MQTT Protocol
• Application of MQTT Coupler
• Concept of the MQTT Coupler Device
• Concept of data exchange of the device
• Content and transmission security
• How Data transmission is configured
• Website of the MQTT Coupler and how it works
• MQTT Broker solutions
• Sample configuration Amazon IoT Core (AWS) connection
• IoT communication use-cases
• Product Overview

Here’s the video of the webinar:

Contact us for further information about the product

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