Industrial Panel Computer


Personal computer can cater your daily personal needs like browsing, gaming, social media whilst the 24/7 operation of an industrial panel computer with it’s hardy exterior able to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, dust and weather conditions and cater to the high demands from the user.

Features to Consider

Processor: When selecting an Industrial Panel PC,  It is vital to pick out a processor at the correct stage for the running system, software, area of use and purpose. Processors utilized in Industrial Panel PCs needs to endure temperature and vibrations.

Working Environment Temperature: Personal computer can work durable at certain temperature, industrial PCs can work even on a extreme temperature from 24°C to 80°C without any problem.

Dust Protection: Most of the time, a fanless panel PC is utilized due to its sealed structure and without air vents. It is designed to prohibits dust to get inside.

Ergonomics: the location of industrial panel pc and the information to displayed on the screen is one of the things to consider when choosing the size of an industrial panel pc.

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Shock, Impact, Vibration Protection: It distinguish the life of your panel pc. The more durable a panel pc, the better, but the price increases based on your preferred durability.

After-Sales Technical Services: One of the basic criteria when choosing an industrial panel pc is the after sales support. A technical support from experts should always be available.

Before acquiring an industrial panel PC, make sure that you consider the tips we mentioned and other factors that suit your operation requirements.

Article inspired from rallynews.

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