mobiLink a Mobil Multiprotocol interface that could simplifies automation

Softing has launched a mobile multiprotocol interface it is a field device configuration. mobiLink allows access to the process automation protocol and communicates via USB or Bluetooth it is also suited for commissioning and maintenance with handheld host devices.

Through mobiLink Softing were able to became the first company that offers access to the major process automation protocols HART, Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA with on single interface.

“In the past, customers had to carry around an interface for each protocol. Now with mobiLink, Softing is the first company to offer access to three protocols with one single device,” said Thomas Hilz, Program Marketing Manager at Softing Industrial.

“Thanks to mobiLink, our customers can access field devices with maximum flexibility and mobility and carry out a large number of configuration tasks,” Hilz said.

Softing’s mobiLink simplifies mobile access to field devices for plant operators, system integrators, device developers and other users. Using mobiLink with relevant software (eg Softing’s Communication Configuration) makes it more suitable for configuration, commissioning, diagnostics and monitoring, supporting FDT Frame Applications and major engineering tools.

mobiLink is also a battery-operated, can communicate with handheld host devices like smart phones and tablets vie Bluetooth and it is also a USB interface for bench host operation. It also allows access to HART and Foundation Fieldbus devices and also access to PROFIBUS PA devices.

Mobile Multiprotocol

Please contact us for further information/ specifications on this product.

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