Rear Sensor Sonar Tester for Large OEM

Ti2 developed a testing system for a large OEM utilising 4CONTROL and DTS via OPC with an EDICusb as the hardware interface.

Requirements were to come up with a simple to use solution that would test the Sonar Parking sensors when installed in the bumper before being shipped to the Ford Assembly plant.

The final solution supplied consists of:


  • A Touch panel PC running 4Control, DTS and Scenic
  • An electrical cabinet containing power supplies, EDIC-USB, Ethernet I/O, and a PAM (Parking Aid Module) ECU
  • An easy to use industrial interface jig for plugging in the Bumper Sensor loom
  • The ability to fully expand the system




cabinetA user-friendly interface instructs the operator through the testing procedure and reports back the final test results. If there is a fail, details on which sensor failed and why are provided.

Ti2 came up with substantial cost savings for this project. Using less expensive, easy to source products, and the use of known systems and products, development time was drastically reduced. The same tests and products were used as Ti2 had installed at the Ford Assembly plant for End Of Line Testing.

Date :

June 17, 2016
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