TH LINK PROFINET Diagnosis System Proven In Audi Manufacturing Line As A Compatible Independent Management Tool

TH LINK PROFINET Diagnosis System Proven In Audi Manufacturing Line As A Compatible Independent Management Tool

Industrial communication is crucial in all tech automation and scalable process automation is key to profitability. 

Ti2 partners with Softing Industrial to bring an independent network management tool to the market. Network management tools enable the commissioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of devices. With Softing, the set of tools provided is a solution that can easily be integrated for permanent monitoring, commission & acceptance, network documentation, plant asset management & predictive maintenance. 

Audi, premium car manufacturer, has proven the capability of diagnostics and monitoring of TH LINK PROFINET. 

“A major benefit for Audi is the consistent use of the diagnostics and monitoring solution, from installation to daily operation. This allows us for example to do reference measurements for a comparison of the acceptance test situation to the current network status and quickly spot any alterations,” said Felix Niederbacher, technical manager for automation engineering standardisation in the body manufacturing production planning Department.

“As part of the cooperation with Softing, the tool was optimised to meet the specific Audi requirements. Besides network diagnostics, the solution also covers the use of the tool in the factory acceptance procedure and in the creation of suitable network documentation,” Niederbacher said.

The TH Link PROFINET diagnostics tool makes use of a controller-independent access to monitor PROFINET networks. The diagnostic data is collected in networks comprising up to 254 nodes, and made available to users through the TH SCOPE software application. TH LINK PROFINET is easy to use and can be integrated without interfering with the operation of existing installations. 


Brief Overview

TH Link PROFINET is controller-independent, as well as independent of configuration tools. With its independent access to PROFINET Network, only one tool is needed to monitor multiple IP subnetworks (up to 254 nodes, one or more controllers.)

TH Link PROFINET has a compact design to easily integrate into existing plants, as well for installation without interference with plant operation. Connection to a free port in the PROFINET network is also possible during the operation of the plant. No TAPs installation or mirror ports are required. With the highest security, TH Link is created to have separate accesses for the control room level and plant level with no routing. 

Equipped with powerful data collection capabilities, collection from PROFINET devised and other nodes (e.g. PCs or camera systems) are optimised for PROFINET. Integration of inventory data into monitoring tools and process control systems can be done via OPC UA with network load limit according to PROFINET guidelines and operating as supervisor in existing PROFINET networks. 

Most importantly, TH LINK PROFINET is optimised for use by maintenance engineers, easy and intuitive in handling and operation. Fault identification is with intelligent troubleshooting assistance is complemented with seamless integration with TH SCOPE diagnostics software for data visualisation, data monitoring, and plant asset management.

When it comes to easy operation and handling, TH Link PROFINET is suitable for network acceptance testing, monitoring, troubleshooting and plant asset management (inventory data). No engineering is required with easy to use web interface for configuration. 

Basic functionalities include:

  • Network detection and data collection (active/passive for PROFINET networks)
  • Alarm notification in case of fault
  • Basic monitoring, configuration
  • Integrated web server
  • Configurable blacklist feature for robust operation
  • Comprehensive network overview for quick and easy observation

Input voltage is at 24 VDC (18VDC … 32 VDC) with current consumption of max. 180 mA, typical power loss of 5W, and RJ45 (10Base-T/100Base-TX) Ethernet Ports. 

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PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) is backed by more than 1,400 member companies worldwide. With around 21 million devices installed by the end of 2017, PROFINET has established itself as the leading Industrial Ethernet standard on the market. Due to trends such as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things, PROFINET will continue to gain in importance, and will become even more powerful with new technologies such as TSN. Our technology providers and competence centers enable us to offer comprehensive support, ranging from consulting services and hardware and firmware integration to certification. The comprehensive availability of development support and for ready-to-use PROFINET basic technology makes it very easy for all companies to implement PROFINET quickly and cost-effectively


Meeting the Audi requirements requires a diagnostics and monitoring solution which provides all diagnostics, system, and device information, permanently records monitored actual conditions and enables access to history data from the entire network.

This way, all required information is available in case of need. Critical sub-functions of the solution employed are a topology view that allows a quick localisation of failed devices, the display of detail information for the components in use, including inventory and stock details, as well as the detection of intermittent communication errors. 

After gathering experience from corresponding test installations and a detailed comparison of the requirements with the supported functionality, the body manufacturing production planning and final assembly departments at the Neckarsulm site opted for the diagnostics and monitoring solution from Softing which is based on two Components.  

The TH LINK PROFINET product provides secure access to the individual PROFINET networks and monitors the communication and device status on the network based on a specific diagnostics algorithm. This algorithm not only performs passive monitoring of the data traffic, but also actively uses the diagnostics options provided by PROFINET and general Ethernet protocols.

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Article inspired by Softing Industrial, PROFINET & PROFIBUS, Audi and Ti2

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