The edgeConnector Modbus software module of Softing Industrial

The edgeConnector Modbus of Softing Industrial is a Docker container application for Modbus TCP controllers that is flexible that follows the edgeConnector Siemens that is for connecting SIMATIC S7 controllers and edgeConnector 840D which is for accessing the data from SINUMERIK 840D controllers. Using Docker container made it possible to connect with Modbus TCP controllers such as from Schneider Electric, Wago, Beckhoff or Phoenix Contact, to Industrial IoT applications that is also used for collecting energy data or other process variables from Modbus-compatible sensors.

Integrated OPC UA is a simple server that also secures data connection to a higher-level management systems such as ERP, MES or process visualisation systems. Integrating control data directly into the private or public IoT cloud applications were possible through the help of MQTT.

The edgeConnector products were quickly started up and running with the help of container technology which were operated on the standard hardware that can be easily manage from the central platform. Integrating data from production into innovative and flexible Industrial IoT solution were made simple and secure with this technology.

This product supports state-of-the-art security standards such as SSL/TLS, X.509 certificates, authentication and data encryption. It can be configured locally using integrated web interface or managed it remotely through REST API and can be downloaded from online directories such as Docker Hub or Microsoft Azure Marketplace and tested for free.

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