Ti2 Leads Industrial Standardising To Overturn Global Supply Chain Crisis

Ti2 Leads Industrial Standardising To Overturn Global Supply Chain Crisis

With the advancement of technology, the number one issue for most manufacturing industries are electronic parts shortages caused by major delays, increased freighting costs and product demand. Geopolitical and pandemic influences are affecting industry development and growth. Certain aspects such as logistic networks, supply chains, foreign investments, and commodity markets must adapt with versatility.

Due to shortages, poor production planning are also occurring with higher demand of semiconductors for automotive and consumer electronics. 

With this in mind, Ti2 is leading the changes in industrial non-standardising to standardising with vendor-independent softwares that are IEC61131-3 compliant. This solution is easier to move from one compliant software to another. It offers flexibity and agility to overcome supply chain crisis caused by lack of software-associated hardware availability. As well, IIEC61131-3 compliant programming tools has the ability to use the right programming styles for the right control requirements. 

New projects usually look at selecting reputable brands that may or may not be open-standard. When planning and selecting new projects’ technology specifications, focus on support for the right programing languages and environments, fieldbus options and communication protocols. We recommend open-standard fieldbus options, hardware-independent programming environments, and universally supported, secure communication protocol. OPC, MQTT, and DNP-3 are some examples of open standard options that will prevent you from getting locked into specific infrastructure product vendors. 

In addition, select a programming environment that is hardware vendor-neutral, allowing end user to move between PLC vendors, thus maximising options and minimising costs.

Code can generally be converted from one controller to another with minimal effort. 

For example, Ti2 partners with CODESYS to access a range of vendors to select the right products, at the right price, and availability. Fieldbuses include but are not limited to Profibus/Profinet, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Modbus (TCP and RTU), IO-Link, etc. 

CODESYS is a leading hardware-neutral programming environment that purely concentrates on creating the most up-to-date programming and commission tools. CODESYS can be used to program over 1000 hardware controllers from over 400 different vendors. 

CODESYS helps mid-tier automation companies with larger software team to stay on top of automation developments and standards. With CODESYS, a team in-house is no longer required, and some top-tier suppliers has even used and rebranded CODESYS as their own tool. 

A well-known Australian manufacturer recently looked to CODESYS for an alternative Profinet I/O branded node overnight as their original I/O module manufacture and supplier said they would need weeks to stock up. The alternative was a lot cheaper and faster to acquire. The standardised Profinet fieldbus technology saved weeks of downtime and revenue for the manufacturer. 

Here are some important things for you to consider when planning for your next automation project. 

  1. Easy integration
  2. Data management
  3. On-premises or cloud-based control
  4. Security

A typical manufacturing plant would have an array of equipment with different terms of vendor, age and communication protocols. To advance to a smart manufacturing environment, all hardware in the facility must be able to communicate with each other, including PLCs, HMIs, specialist measurement devices and PCs. 

This is more difficult said than done since most plants are used to vendor lock-in. 

Today, a successful integration, data management, computing control and security should now require a complete equipment overhaul for the manufacturer. 

A platform-independent software will support a wide range of standard integration, management and control options that will save up cost and time by threefold for manufacturer. 

With CODESYS, TI2 continues to lead the changes in non-standardising to standardising in the industry, finding bottlenecks, increasing factory-floor efficiency and productivity levels. 

Typically, on-premises software is installed on a company’s own servers and has their own firewall applications. This is surely reliable, fast. And secure. 

However, current user surveys show that industry are now heading towares a mixed use of centralised and decentralised control technologies including cloud-based controllers with even-based applications that will be replacing classic control architectures in the future. 

Today nearly all controller has Ethernet connection that can connect to the internet directly or via a gateway. Older controllers without Ethernet requires many third-party products to add connectivity and embed OPC and MQTT protocols. With CODESYS Development System, easy exchange between control data with cloud or other system is assured.

Lastly, make sure to select a solution that supports encryption, signing of data, and communication with X.509 certificates as well as hardware-based encryptions and wizards to uncover vulnerabilities or potential weaknesses. 

To conclude, selecting technologies over brands is critical when creating company standards. Focus on listing fieldbus protocols, communication standards and programming methodology, instead of specific brand and part numbers. Restricting product choices will only create many limitations. 

Ti2 Pty Ltd is the official partner for CODESYS is Australia, with expertise from world-class suppliers. We provide robust competitive industrial automation solutions helping manufacturing companies among other emerging industries. 

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Ti2 is currently very focused on working with its global partners to secure stock and avoid long delay times in delivering products to their customers. Together with our trusted partners, we are here to provide solutions.

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