Reverse Parking

New Driver’s Nightmare

Parking can be a nightmare for new drivers. For some, it is very challenging than driving at 60kph on open road. Pressures of tight spaces, vehicles in near proximity, and the fear of hitting a parked vehicle, it is a perfect recipe to panic for a new driver.

  • It may honestly be simpler.

Detractors say parking in reverse is a lot more challenging to maneuver your car when you have to look behind you. Yes, it is simpler to park your car straight into the parking lot but if the spaces or regulation only allows you to park in reverse, you’re doomed if you don’t know how. Parking in reverse is easier than it looks plus, there are a lot of tips and tools to help you get through this reverse parking dilemma.

  • Reverse parking presents lesser danger and higher visibility.

Yes, it is less dangerous and provide better visibility. Imagine, you are not reverse-parked, naturally, you will go out in reverse, which will be more dangerous for you will not have a better visibility for moving vehicles and pedestrian behind your car.

  • Getting out is just a piece of cake.

This is the best part when you are parked in reverse. Leaving the parking lot is a lot way easier. Better visibility presents less hazard on both driver and moving vehicle or pedestrian. Less maneuver required getting out of the parking lot compared to parking in straight.

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Parking in Reverse (non-parallel)

  • Drive past the empty slot you want to park into, with one foot of space between your vehicle and the parked cars.
  • Put your gear in reverse, turn your wheel to left or right then start reversing.
  • Make sure to look at your rear-view mirror and side mirrors. Ensure that the space on both sides of you car are more or less equal.
  • Once your car is relatively straight to the parking slots, straighten your steering wheel then continue in reverse until you are perfectly parked.

Parking is not a race. Don’t rush things to park in reverse. Take time, breath, relax. Slowly but surely. Also, be considerate of other motorists. With practice, you will be able to park in reverse with confidence.

Article inspired from TopGearPH

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