TAP IE 100

TAP IE 100

We are here to announce the release of a great Helmholz product. The new Ethernet Test Access Point “TAP IE 100” records data traffic in order to ensure the visibility required for the continuous and efficient backup, monitoring, and administration of your company’s network infrastructure.

The easy-to-install Ethernet Test Access Point from Helmholz is installed once and permanently between two network devices.

The “TAP IE 100” is reliable and nonreactive, and can thus be installed as a permanent measuring point in systems and remain there. It is distinguished by the fact that the system does not shut down in the event of a power failure. It ensures 24/7, time-saving access to the network traffic without disrupting the data flow. It works as a so-called “passive” device and thus maximizes the availability of your system.

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With the “TAP IE 100”, precise analysis protocols can be created to monitor the process and carry out an exact analysis of a possible error when necessary. It helps you to differentiate between network and application problems.

All data can be channeled from both transmission directions of an Ethernet connection. The Ethernet transmission via the lineRJ45 sockets is sent separately to the two monitor sockets according to the transmission direction as a “copy”. The evaluation and protocoling of the tapped package data takes place quite simply with a PC or another diagnostic device, e.g. with “Wireshark”.

The flat design with the intelligent layout of network connections saves space in the switch cabinet.


• Nonreactive recording of Ethernet communication
• Secure and passive uncoupling of the Ethernet frames
• Monitors all OSI layers starting from layer 2 and mirrors packets of all sizes and types and VLAN traffic
• For 10 or 100 Mbps networks
• No influencing of Ethernet transmission in the event of power failure


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