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MPL Products

MPL AG is located in Dattwil, Canton Aargau, near Zurich Switzerland and was founded in 1985 by Rudolf Hug. MPL is 100% self-financed and independent. Since 1985 MPL AG has developed and manufactured rugged Industrial & Military PCs (boards and systems) for 10+ years availability. Tough environment capability, wide temperature -40 to 85°C (24/7).

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Softing Products

Ti2 has distributed Softing products in AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND since 2000. In industrial automation, Softing is a specialist for fieldbus technology and has established itself as a world class-leading partner for Industrial and Automotive networking systems and control & diagnostic solutions.

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Elgens Products

Elgens Co. Ltd. is a leading provider of industrial systems, embedded computing, industrial automation, and communications.


CODESYS Products

The CODESYS Group is the manufacturer of CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications.


Helmholz Products

Helmholz is a specialist for industrial communication, Helmholz offers solutions for Industry 4.0 and shows how new technologies can truly create added value.


Odot Products

ODOT Automation aims to focus on IIOT and boost smart factory.

What we do is to help our clientele establish a stable, cost effective data collection and transmission channel in their applications.

And with the ODOT high quality and deep customized services, we will provide solutions for customers from various kinds of industries.

Where there is smart factory applications, there would be services could be provided by ODOT products.

Also with our worldwide channels, we will provide a win-win opportunity to our partners too.



CMZ Sistemi Elettronici engineers and produces in Italy electronic systems for industrial motion control.

We target to OEMs and systems integrators for the co-development of automatic machines and equipment with customized and specific configurations in multi-axis motion.

Established in 1976 focusing on the production of controllers & drives, today the company offers customizable motion & control solutions including the systems design, the electronics programming, the development of ready-to-use motion & application libraries and ad-hoc softwares, alongside with a wide selection of master controllers IEC61131 up to 99 axis, servo drives, brushless and stepper motors up to 120 Nm strictly compact and Made in Italy, peripherals and I/O modules both digital and analogic, HMI operator panels.

Our high technological and safety standing is based on a team of 70 technicians and engineers. The systems realized to date in our factory count over 125,000 units.

CMZ is a Research Laboratory recognized by the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research.

The company is part of Soga Energy Team industrial group operating in power generation, motion and control since 1966.






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