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From Fieldbus to Industrial Ethernet, ODOT Solutions for you

As Modicon developed the first PLC in this world, the Fieldbus has served a long term in the industrial automation field as it could provide stable and economical solutions.

But now, with the uprising of Industrial 4.0, the field equipment requires a larger data point, so a single Master-Slave communication has to yield to the Client-Service communication during the site data transmission.

Currently mostly used Fieldbus applications are tending to transit to Industrial Ethernet applications.

So ODOT Automation scheduled a long-term R&D plan to provide stable, cost-effective alternative solutions to our clienteles.

Here is the simple family structure of ODOT products.

Fieldbus product group

Industrial Ethernet product group


Basic solution with ODOT-MG series gateways

The classical RS485 based Modbus-RTU applications we developed a various kind of products to help our customer has the way to get to the Modbus-TCP solutions.

Basic solutions are with our S2E2/S4E2.

If you need any Modbus-RTU/ASCII to Modbus-TCP protocol converter with serial server functions, and ODOTS2E2/S4E2 will be your perfect selection.

It could connect the Modbus device to the PLC and client with Modbus TCP communication interface. It supports 5 Modbus TCP client connections at the same time. Housing material is aluminum alloy. The construction is firm, compact and beautiful in design. It supports DIN-rail installation. Serial signals provide built-in optical isolation.

ODOT S4E2 can be applied simultaneously as Master and Slave when connected both with PLC and HMI.

Further solution is with ODOT-AIOBOX16/32 (Integrated IO module)

ODOT-AIOBOX16/32 is a very cost effective product for your projects with a requirement of limited I/O points.

It is a modularized integrated IO module with a unique structure.

The product can collect the I/O signal (Digital, Analog signal) of the field device to the PLC, HMI or host computer.

Current is adaptable for 0-20/4-20/0-24mA and with a promotion with protocol module of Modbus TCP/ Modbus RTU, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP and EtherCAT.

The AIOBOX-8031, which is the Modbus Adapter module, 2*RJ45, 1*RS485 (Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU), as a solution for your project with small data point

Also we could use our unique design of the chip board to help you on your integrated single products as a deep customized service.

Advanced solution is with our latest ODOT Remote I/O module, which is a very cost-effective alternative solution for your project with medium and large data point.

The remote I/O is a flexible protocol module and I/O module combinations of plug and play, features as below:

1. ODOT remote I/O could be hung with a max of 64 modules, each I/O module is built with 16 channels and each have LED indicator.

It supports an overall of 1024 I/O points and hot plug;

2. The I/O module back plate cable can be extended to 20 meters to be used in multiple panels;

3. WTP is from -40~85℃ with a warranty of 3 years;

4. Craft is in complied with automotive grade;

5. High speed 12M back plate bus, with 64 digital quantity modules of a refreshing period at 2ms and analog quantity is 3.4ms;

6. Supports multiple protocols as follows:

1. Modbus-RTU

2. Profibus – DP (DPV0)

3. CC-LINK Remote Statiom

4. CANopen DS401

5. DeviceNet

6. Modbus-TCP

7. Profinet

8. EtherCAT

9. EtherNet/IP

10. PowerLink

11. CC-Link IE Field

12. CC-Link IE Field Basic

CN-8031: Modbus-TCP Adapter module, 32 slots, input & output max 8192Byte

CN-8011: Network adapter Modbus-RTU protocol,32 slots, the Max. sum of input and output is 8192 Byte

If you need the solution from Modbus-RTU to TCP on the remote I/O, we also supply the special module CT-5321 for it.

CT-5321: serial port communication sub-module (RS232, RS485,RS422, either serial port is optional, it supports Modbus-RTU /ASCII, master or slave mode, transparent transmission mode).


Basic solution with ODOT-MG series gateways

DPM01: Modbus RTU (Master/Slave) to Profibus-DP (Slave), Aluminum Alloy Casing, 1 port RS485, 1 port Profibus-DP

PNM02: Modbus RTU to ProfiNET, Aluminum Alloy Casing, 1 port RS485 or RS232 or RS422, 1 port Profinet

AIOBOX16/32 is as the further solution.

AIO-X8032: Profinet Adapter module, 2*RJ45

AIO-X8012: Profibus-DP Adapter module

Remote I/O is as the advanced solution

CN-8032: CN-8032:Profinet Adapter module, 32 slots, input & output max 1440Byte

CN-8012: CN-8012:Network adapter Profibus-DP protocol,32 slots, input Max. 244 Byte, output Max. 244 Byte, the Max. sum of inputand output is 288 Byte

Future I/O module could support the conversion between Profinet and Pofibus-DP.

3.CC-Link → CC-Link IE

Woring on solutions both for CC-LINK family.

Current we have finished CN-8013, which is CC-Link network adapter for standard CC-Link Ver.2

4.DeviceNET → Ethernet IP

We scheduled to develop this remote I/O module in the coming next year.


Basic solution with ODOT-MG series gateways

We have MG-CANEX, which is a gateway of CANopen to Modbus TCP/IP.

The device acts as the Master in the CANopen network, with NMT network management function, and can be connected by standard CANopen slave devices. As a TCP server in

Modbus-TCP/IP network, the device can be accessed by multiple TCP clients at the same time, and it can access to PLC controller and various host configuration software. This can connect to the optical terminal and other equipment to realize long-distance data transmission.

AIOBOX16/32 is as the further solution.

AIOBOX-8033 EtherCAT Adapter module

AIO-X8033 EtherCAT I / O module supports standard EtherCAT protocol access, and the network adapter supports up to 4 expansion IO modules.

AIO-X8021 CANopen adapter module

AIO-X8021 CANopen network adapter module supports standard CANopen communication and supports device specification DS401

Remote I/O is as the advanced solution

CN-8033, which is the EtherCAT I/O module, supports standard EtherCAT protocol access.

The adapter supports a Max. input of 1024 bytes and a Max. output of 1024 bytes. It
supports 32 pcs of extended IO modules.

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