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Founded in 2003, ODOT Automation is a brand specialized in industrial communication and automation control system R&D and integrated technic service. We developed ODOT product series based on our 16-year experience in industrial communication and automation control. Our mission is focusing on IIOT, boosting smart factory.
We own a factory of over 1500 square meters and an independent R&D center as well as a professional technical team with 30 engineers. With the R&D center, we built ODOT product line which is consisted of remote I/O module, integrated I/O module, IIOT gateway, protocol converters, serial gateway, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless, embedded modules and etc.
Since 2012 and ODOT Automation has successfully provided professional field data collection solutions for textile enterprises, automobile accessory enterprises, cereal & oil processing enterprises, food and beverage producing enterprise, water treatment, power management, hydro power station, liquor producing enterprises etc. With our expertise the site real-time data could be smoothly and accurately transmitted to the upper level management (MES and ERP), so that the smart manufacturing could be truly implemented and the real-time data of MES could show the first-hand data of the production site.
Our purpose is to help the intelligent manufacturing take solid steps; the smile of your customer with your product could be our pride. ODOT Automation has exported our products as cost-effective solutions to North America, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and all over the world.


From Fieldbus to Industrial Ethernet, ODOT Solutions for you

As Modicon developed the first PLC in this world, the Fieldbus has served a long term in the industrial automation field as it could provide stable and economical solutions.

But now, with the uprising of Industrial 4.0, the field equipment requires a larger data point, so a single Master-Slave communication has to yield to the Client-Service communication during the site data transmission.

Currently mostly used Fieldbus applications are tending to transit to Industrial Ethernet applications.

So ODOT Automation scheduled a long-term R&D plan to provide stable, cost-effective alternative solutions to our clienteles.

  • Odot Automation – Remote I/O, RTU Modules Solution

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