dataFEED OPC Suite

The All-In-One Solution for OPC Communication

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Product Description

The dataFEED OPC Suite offers a full package of components for OPC communication within a single product. It enables access to the controllers of leading manufacturers. Additional functionality eliminates DCOM problems and improves the communication between the PLCs, OPC Servers and OPC Clients, independent of the use of OPC Classic or OPC Unified Architecture (UA).

Easy and Independent Access to Controllers

  • Read and write access to data in PLCs of leading manufacturers
  • No changes to control program required
  • Easy integration of legacy and new controllers into“Industrie 4.0“* solutions
  • Integration of non-OPC UA-ready components like Siemens S5 controllers into OPC UA applications
  • Cost savings through continued use of existing OPC Classic components
  • Gateway functionality for connecting controllers andcomponents with integrated OPC UA Server to OPC Classic applications

No Need for DCOM Configuration

  • Easy industrial communication by avoiding DCOM and its complex security settings
  • Time-saving configuration of OPC Classic communication across networks
  • Minimum requirements on configuration of PCs used in network
  • Compliance with corporate computer and network security policies, e.g. firewall settings

Easy Configuration

  • State-of-the-art, intuitive graphical user interface for rapid configuration of OPC communication
  • Use of intelligent, practice-oriented defaults, setup wizards and drag-and-drop support
  • Time savings through effective and efficient configuration of distributed automation systems comprising a large number of OPC Servers

*“Industrie 4.0“ is a German government-driven initiative for implementing an industrial “Internet of Things”