Softing Industrial – echolink one2PROFINET

Serial Bus Couplers for Connection of Serial Devices to PROFINET

The smart echolink one2PROFINET coupler connects various devices and automation components via their own serial interface with Ethernet-based fieldbuses. echolink one2PROFINET implements different interfaces.

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One Common Interface to Connect Serial Devices with PROFINET

  • Easy to use physics and protocol converter
  • EIA-232, EIA-422, EIA-485 serial ports
  • Modbus, ASCII, RTU, 3964R protocols supported on serial side
  • Support of PROFINET Industrial Ethernet protocol

High-Performance Ethernet Coupler

  • Coupler providing direct protocol conversion
  • Support of full PROFINET bandwidth and speed
  • Easy data access using mapping to PROFIENT I/O range

Easy Setup to Reduce Start-Up Expenses

  • Ease-of-use through Windows-based configuration tool
  • Automatic detection of connected devices
  • No programming skills required
  • Status LEDs supporting quick diagnosis
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