PC/104plus Board for use as Master or Slave Profibus

Single channel interface board in PC/104plus

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Product Description

Single channel interface board in PC/104plus format for integrating PCs into PROFIBUS architectures as machine controllers, supervisory control applications, visualization systems or field devices.

  • Reduced Logistics Through Universal Application Options
  • Efficient Integration Through Easy Protocol Selection and Wide Range of Drivers
  • Cost Effective and Rapidly Available Standard Version for a Wide Temperature Range

Support of PROFIBUS Master or Slave Functionality

The protocol required for the specific use case is user selectable and executed on the PBpro PC/104plus board. As a DP slave, the board integrates the PC into overlying control architectures. Configured as a DP master, the board turns the PC itself into a controller. In addition, integration into FMS systems or proprietary applications is just as easy and unproblematic as direct access at the lowest protocol level (FDL). This makes the PBpro PC/104plus a universal interface solution for integrating industrial and embedded PCs and allows manufacturers to optimize the overhead costs and inventory for their PROFIBUS options.

Rapid Integration via API or OPC Server

The included PROFIBUS driver software is complemented with many sample programs that demonstrate how to use the PROFIBUS API. Commented sample programs show how this is done. A matching Softing OPC Server, which is available as an optional standard interface, quickly and easily connects any application that has an integrated OPC client. Typical applications include visualization, SCADA or MES systems.

Large Choice of Drivers and Wide Temperature Range

In addition to Windows, the board supports many other operating systems and real-time environments. For applications used at operating temperatures between -25°C and +70°C, a suitable board is available as a standard version. On request, Softing’s team of engineers can customize the board according to customer specifications.


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