Easy Multiplexer Connection To Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric HART Modules To Emerson’s AMS Device Manager and edgeConnector Modbus TCP controllers

Easy Multiplexer Connection To Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric HART Modules To Emerson’s AMS Device Manager and edgeConnector Modbus TCP controllers 

In partnership with Ti2, Softing Industrial has introduced smartLink SW-HT, HART multiplexer software for accessing configuration and diagnostic data via Emerson’s AMS Device Manager or other HART IP-enabled plant asset management applications as well as edgeConnector Modbus.

smartLink SW-HT

Version 1.10 supports Allen-Bradley controllers and remote I/Os in addition to Schneider Electric M580 controllers and drop I/Os.

An increasing number of modern remote I/Os are using Ethernet as the connection to the controller, smartLink SW-HT addresses this trend by providing an Ethernet connection to tunnel the HART commands to the remote I/Os. smartLink SW-HT provides access from Emerson’s AMS Device Manager to HART field devices connected to Allen-Bradley or Schneider Electric M580 controller HART I/O modules or remote I/Os. An integrated HART IP server transparent access to configuration and diagnostic data. Users save time and costs as they do not need additional HART multiplexer hardware. The software comes as a Docker container and is deployed with additional virtual machines, making it easy to use under Windows. 

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smartLink SW-HT scans all configured HART modules for the connected HART devices and maintains a live list of the devices. This eliminates the need to scan the entire AMS Device Manager device tree when a new HART device is added. The application converts the incoming HART IP command into the Ethernet-based communication used by the Allen-Bradley and Schneider Electric HART modules. Optimised scheduling of the commands is performed to achieve the optimal communication performance. 

Executing preventive, predictive, and proactive maintenance is easier with this integrated set, and finally streamlining diagnostics, troubleshooting, configuring, monitoring, calibration, and documentation. 

To access just one HART device, the smartLinkSW-HT software can be downloaded free of charge. The costs for additional licenses are scalable and depend on the number of HART devices to be connected. 

Softing edgeConnector Modbus Docker Container

After Softing’s software module connected SIMATIC S7 controllers and edgeConnector 840D for accessing data from SINUMERIK 840D controllers with edgeConnnector Siemens – Softing has now introduced edgeConnector Modbus. This Docker Container is flexible Docker container application, suitable for connecting Modbus TCP controllers, from companies such as Schneider Electric, Wago, Beckhoff, or Phoenix Contact, to industrial IoT applications, edgeConnector Modbus can also be used to collect energy data or other process variables from Modbus-compatible sensors. 

An integrated OPC UA server enables simple and secure data connection to higher-level management systems, such as ERP, MES, or process visualisation systems. As a further communication protocol, MQTT makes it possible to integrate control data directly into private or public IoT cloud applications. 

By using container technology, edgeConnector products are quickly started up and running. They are operated on standard hardware and can be managed easily from a central platform. They offer a simple and secure option for integrating data from production into innovative and flexible Industrial IoT solutions. 

All edgeConnector products support state-of-art security standards such as SSL/TLS, X.509 certificates, authentication, and data encryption. 

The are easy to configure locally via an integrated web interface or can be managed remotely via a REST API .

edgeConnector Modbus can be downloaded from online directories such as Docker Hub or Microsoft Azure Marketplace and tested for free.

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Article inspired from Softing Industrial, electronics.net.au, processonline.com.au, Ti2, Rmerson.

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