Berghof Automation's CODESYS Controllers

Berghof Automation’s CODESYS Controllers

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  • CODESYS in Industrial Automation and Berghof Automation’s Niche Offerings
  • Hardware and Software Features
  • Compact Controllers & Safety Controllers
  • Motion Control Capabilities and Visualisation
  • Industrial Communication Protocols Supported (CANopen, MODBUS (RTU and TCP), PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, ETHERCAT, etc.)

In industrial automation, CODESYS is pivotal, offering engineers a robust platform for intricate system control. Berghof Automation’s specialised CODESYS controllers further refine this landscape, meeting modern engineering demands. With Berghof’s controllers, engineers optimise processes, ensure reliability, and push innovation boundaries. The fusion of CODESYS and Berghof technology empowers engineers to navigate automation complexities with precision and agility, setting new standards in efficiency and performance.

CODESYS in Industrial Automation and Berghof Automation’s Niche Offerings

Berghof Automation’s CODESYS controllers are engineered for efficiency and reliability, offering engineers a cost-effective solution without compromising performance. At the heart of Berghof’s offerings is the all-in-one CODESYS controller, part of the B-Fortis family. These controllers streamline project planning and programming while enhancing functional reliability through faster data communication.

Diving into the technical specs, Berghof’s controllers feature dual-core processors up to 2x 800 MHz and up to 1GB RAM, 2GB Flash, and 100KB Retain. This hardware ensures seamless execution of complex tasks with exceptional responsiveness. With support for various communication protocols like CANopen and MODBUS, alongside features such as VNC, HTML5 web browser, and OpenVPN, these controllers offer comprehensive connectivity and control options.

In an industry dominated by larger players, Berghof stands out by offering accessible and affordable CODESYS solutions. Their commitment to democratising advanced automation technology ensures engineers have the tools they need to innovate and optimise operations. Berghof’s CODESYS controllers are the go-to choice for engineers seeking reliability, affordability, and top-tier performance in industrial automation.

Hardware and Software Features

Berghof’s controllers feature a fanless design with robust aluminum housing, facilitating tool-free installation. Equipped with up to 1 GB RAM, 2 GB Flash, and 100 kB Retain, the B-Fortis controller offers ample power and versatility. Seamless integration with CODESYS automation software allows effortless programming according to IEC61131 standards. Additional features include cycle times as low as 500 μs, universally usable VNC + HTML5 web browser, and configurable inputs for counters and encoders.

Compact Controllers & Safety Controllers

Berghof’s compact controllers and safety controllers stand out in industrial automation with their cutting-edge specifications and superior performance. These controllers leverage powerful multi-core processors with speeds up to 800 MHz, complemented by up to 1 GB RAM and 2 GB Flash memory, ensuring rapid and efficient execution of automation tasks. What sets Berghof apart is its comprehensive safety features, including integrated emergency stop buttons, safety relays, and monitoring systems, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Moreover, Berghof’s controllers offer seamless integration with a variety of industrial communication protocols, including CANopen, MODBUS (RTU and TCP), PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, and ETHERCAT, enabling effortless connectivity across the automation ecosystem. The controllers’ ruggedised enclosures and IP-rated protection ensure resilience against harsh industrial environments, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. Berghof’s controllers’ key differentiator lies in their robust hardware, advanced safety functionalities, and seamless integration capabilities.

Motion Control Capabilities and Visualisation

Berghof’s controllers provide advanced motion control capabilities and visualisation options, allowing engineers to optimise production processes and enhance operational efficiency. With support for features like full HD widescreen display and wide viewing angles, Berghof’s controllers deliver clear and detailed visualisations for improved monitoring and control.

Industrial Communication Protocols Supported

Berghof’s controllers support a wide range of industrial communication protocols, including CANopen, MODBUS (RTU and TCP), PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, and ETHERCAT. This ensures seamless integration with existing systems and compatibility with industry standards, enabling efficient data exchange and communication across the automation network.

Berghof Automation’s Certification as a CODESYS Partner

Berghof Automation is a certified partner of CODESYS, offering a range of CODESYS-compatible controllers. The CODESYS Development System, based on the IEC 61131-3 programming tool, enhances the software lifecycle, simplifying tasks from requirements analysis to maintenance. Berghof’s controllers operate on the Linux platform, facilitating seamless integration of various software modules.

Professional Support and Certified Solution Providers

Berghof partners closely with certified solution providers worldwide, offering optimal support for all tasks. These partners boast deep expertise in specialised technologies and industries, ensuring top-tier product and system knowledge. Upholding Berghof’s stringent quality standards, partners offer comprehensive consulting, responsive service, and reliable project execution.

For more information about CODESYS, inquire HERE about Berghof’s runtime licenses and explore the array of functionalities tailored to optimise industrial processes.

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