Buy 1 WireXpert. Free 1 LinkXpert.

As simple as that.

For a limited time (and stock!), get the LinkXpert at absolutely zero cost when you purchase any WireXpert Copper Test Kit or WireXpert Fiber Optic Loss Test Kit.

Buy 1 Get 1
WireXpert 500-CU
LinkXpert TP
WireXpert 500-PLUS
LinkXpert TP
WireXpert 4500-FA
LinkXpert TP
WireXpert 500-PLUS + Fiber Test KitLinkXpert M3
WireXpert 4500-FA + Fiber Test KitLinkXpert M3

What is and why WireXpert?

WireXpert is a cable certifier that is designed to measure the integrity and transmission characteristics of cabling. A cable certifier can perform various functions to test network cabling for compliance with cabling standards developed by bodies such as the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to name a few. A cable certifier is useful to local area network (LAN) administrators, cable installers, and field service providers for testing and certifying cabling installations as compliant with these standards.

Cable certification is primarily done by datacom contractors or installers, which is required to ensure the new cablings in the commercial buildings, data centers and enterprise facilities complies to the cabling standards. These certification provides detailed reports, which grants the contractors and installers the warranty from the cabling manufacturers. Certification tests are important if there is a discrepancy between the installer and network owner after and installation has been performed.

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What is and why LinkXpert?

From SoHo to enterprise networks, today’s copper networks become increasingly complex with a variety of different devices and remote powering. A hand-held network multitool is essential to master those modern networks.

Introducing the LinkXpert series, a pocket-sized cabling and network troubleshooter that helps solving network issues from cabling up to complex Ethernet related problems. With connectivity to all 3 media, copper, fiber and Wi-Fi LinkXpert M3 or the copper-only LinkXpert TP, the LinkXpert series is perfect for diagnosing any common LAN Ethernet media.

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