FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Gateway & Linking Device

The FG-110 FF allows integrating FOUNDATION fieldbus technology into legacy plants and Modbus control systems.

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Product Description

Modbus Gateway and Linking Device for Integrating FOUNDATION™ fieldbus

Extending Plants and Controllers by Integrating FF Advantages

The gateway and Linking Device FG-110 FF is designed for plant operators and system integrators. It allows including up to four FF H1 segments with as many as 64 field devices into Modbus RTU based legacy (not FF-ready) plants or into control systems supporting Modbus TCP. This provides access to process data, while making use of FF advantages like reduced cabling, central field device parameterization, comprehensive diagnosis functionality, or intrinsically safe, fieldbus-powered field devices. The implementation of “Control in the Field”, a specialty of FF, is also possible by configuring the available field devices as a control loop without a dedicated controller component.

Cost Savings Through Included Configuration Tool

The FG-110 FF is delivered together with a Windows-based FF configuration tool, which communicates via the FF High Speed Ethernet (HSE) protocol. It provides the complete FF configuration functionality like the definition of Function Block linking and scheduling as well as bus parameter settings, and field device parameterization. The configuration tool makes use of registered standard Device Description files, as available from the field device manufacturers and the Fieldbus Foundation.
In addition, the FG-110 FF provides an integrated web server, which allows defining the mapping of FF functions to Modbus registers, or monitoring the process values.

Access Point for Using Additional Functionality on FF Segment

The FG-110 FF can be used as a key component for implementing additional automation functionality in the FF section of the plant. For instance, asset management systems (e.g. Emerson’s AMS) and Field Device Tool (FDT) frame applications (e.g. SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, FieldCare or PACTware) can be included using the FG-110 FF as access point.