Softing Industrial – pnGate PA

PROFIBUS PA Segment Integration into PROFINET Networks

Softing’s pnGate PA allows the integration of PROFIBUS PA segments into PROFINET-based control systems. The device supports industry-standard device configuration, parameterization and condition-monitoring tools.

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No Need for Intermediate PROFIBUS DP Segments

  • Direct integration of PROFIBUS PA devices into PROFINET networks
  • Double functionality as PROFINET Device and PROFIBUS PA Master
  • Support of one or two PROFIBUS PA segments

Addressing Hybrid Industries

  • Connection of process instrumentation to PROFINET-based control
  • Suitable for sewage, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and pulp & paper applications

Device Configuration, Parameterization, and Operation Based on Industry Standard Tools

  • Support of GSDML-based engineering tools (e.g. Siemens TIAPortal)
  • Usable with Device Type Manager (DTM) frame applications

Easy Commissioning

  • Optional support of R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Fieldbus Power Supply 9412 products (cabling reduced to a minimum)


  1. How to configure pnGate PA/PB in TIA Portal:


  1. How to parameterize PROFIBUS PA devices in SIMATIC PDM:


  1. How to parameterize PROFIBUS PA devices in PACTware:


  1. How to create GDSML file using the PROFIBUS configurator:

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