CODESYS Automation Server

As partners with CODESYS, we are excited to share their latest game changer for those looking for a complete automation platform. Their cloud-based Industry 4.0 platform manages all control tasks, third fundamental product line along with the Runtime and Engineering products that covers the most urgent tasks of automation engineers and much more. All relevant data will be displayed in a visually appealing way independent from the terminal device which makes it easy to operate and visually pleasing when operating the CODESYS Automation Server.

The CODESYS Automation Server includes functions which make it possible to apply CodeMeter Licenses to connect PLCs. A CODESYS installation is no longer required in order to be able to license your runtime features and applications. Whether server operated locally or remotely, PLCs are always abstracted by an edge controller, which ensures a clear separation of IT and OT networks.

Below are just a few of the new features of CODESYS Automation Server however, for more information, benefits and specifications on this Automation Server, please do contact us.

  • Arrays and structures are supported in the Data Analyzer.
  • The configuration tab of the PLC details view was restructured for clarity and better usability.
  • For embedding external websites in web visualizations, you now whitelist them in the PLC configuration tab.

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