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Robots provide Greece’s mail service speed boost

ATHENS, October 5 five (Reuters) – Latest addition to Greece’s postal service: a fleet of robots sorting through the mail.

55 small, four-wheel, yellow, autonomous mobile robots — or AMR’ — fueled by artificial intelligence, glide around Hellenic Post’ sorting center in Athens, dashing up usually arduous process.

They scan the postal code, weigh the package and, directed by sensors, empty it into the corresponding mail sacks originated around a platform.

The robots are a part of the state-owned company’ digital restructuring programme, that aims to address growing numbers of parcels from online searching during the coronavirus pandemic.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Up to 80 percent of parcel sorting has been handled by the robots and Constantopoulos mentioned the method was up to thrice faster, ensuring next-day delivery.

The robots handle as many as 168,000 parcels with a weight of fifteen kilogram daily and solely have to be compelled to be recharged each four hours for five minutes.

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“The purpose is not to replace human workers with robots, but rather to augment human workforces and make them more efficient,” Constantopoulos said.

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