Staying Competitive with Automation

As technology keeps on evolving, conveyor systems are more high-tech and faster that resulted to a higher rates of production, which lead to a greater profits. With automation the conveyors became more integral component due to the overall efficiency and productivity of today’s processing and packaging lines.

Is the current line meeting production goals set by the company? Would it accommodate an increase of output if required? Are the conveyors integrating cooperating and communicating properly with the other components on the line? These are processes and questions that needs to be done in order for the automation in the conveyor system increase the productivity and the effectivity of your line.

Conveyor OEM or packaging systems integrators are experts in identifying drawbacks in your conveyor systems and also evaluate the efficiency of the travel process from the product till it arrive to the conveyors and where it travels after that, which is why partnering with them would give you the best result from your audit. With the efficiency audit the interaction between each component would maximize the overall throughput and improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is used to identify the percentage of manufacturing time, it also helps the company to define. visualize and eliminate equipment losses and waste which is why it is considered to be the industry standard for measuring productivity. To prevent lowering the company’s OEE and determine the lines week spot that would affect the output, it is advisable to audit all equipment along each process on the line since it affects the next component.

The uses of robots are becoming a standard in any field or industry as the technology progressed. Robots are efficient to any business and industry with how fast it works and the productivity with almost no break on work. Automations are much more faster and produces the best result and quality of the product.

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