TDX 2.5

TDX Release 2.5: Speed + Convenience

The new release 2.5 of the repair shop tester Softing TDX is now available. The new version makes it possible to define mandatory updates for programs and content, handle VCI configurations more conveniently and reduce cases of support thanks to additional information. Rights and user management have been further simplified to improve usability. 


In the new Version 2.5, release managers of a tester application can manage both program and configuration data updates in an even more detailed and targeted manner. For example, you can control the type of update (mandatory or manual) as well as the frequency and timing of the update check. The developer thus defines whether an update may be carried out manually or skipped by the end user when it is available, or whether an update is mandatory and must be carried out immediately when it is available. Since one automatic update check a day is usually sufficient, targeted update management can, among other things, reduce the loading time of the tester. Obligatory updates ensure that all after-sales service staff are working with the same software version. For more transparency for the tester’s end users, a description, new functions, extensions as well as corrections can now be stored in different languages in the “Update Definition”. 

Other advantages of the new version include more convenient VCI configuration. The user can simply choose the required interface from a list of available VCIs and check the connection directly. In addition, a support page has been integrated into the application. This is where all information relevant for the development and support team is stored, such as the license number, the software version and the user’s file structure. If the support team is contacted from within the application, the “support report” is automatically transmitted to the e-mail client and can, if necessary, be extended with additional descriptions and supplements by the user. This significantly reduces the processing time of a support case. Furthermore, usability has been improved, especially in user and rights management. For example, the right to execute a specific diagnostic function can be assigned to an entire group rather than just to individuals.

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About Softing TDX

Softing TDX is the ideal tool support for vehicle and component manufacturers for creating and maintaining an individual, modular repair shop tester with integrated role and user management. Softing TDX provides optimal support in troubleshooting as well as the repair and commissioning of entire vehicles or individual vehicle components. 

To view Ti2’s project for vehicle diagnostic system, click here.

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