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The Four Most Vital Digital Automation Trends in 2021

The pandemic has turned decades of accepted business principles upside down. Managers now know that everything must be digital, because it is the only way to make the business sustainable. These are some of the most important predictions about digital transformation as we move towards a post-pandemic world.


Innovation, for its very own sake is so early aughts. While the pandemic is a pressure element for sweeping virtual transformation, make no mistake, that is approximately pragmatic innovation from part to core. IDC anticipated that through 2022, 70 percentage of all businesses may have expanded use of virtual technologies, remodeling current enterprise methods to power purchaser engagement, worker productiveness and enterprise resiliency. Two years later, IDC anticipated that seventy five percentage of businesses may have complete virtual transformation implementation roadmaps, as compared to 27 percentage today, ensuing in real transformation throughout all aspects of enterprise and society. In simply 3 years, Gartner anticipated businesses will decrease operational fees through 30 percentage through combining hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational methods.

No tech innovation is an island

Market hobby is excessive in AI, IoT, system learning, virtual twins, and robot process automation (RPA). But those abilities can’t supply commercial results if they’re kept in vault. Companies getting the maximum fee are combining the proper abilities collectively to clear up unique issues and discover opportunities.

Gartner referred to as this “hyper-automation, in fact, is not always about technology. “hyper-automation is not about technology. It’s a process that never ends…a disciplined approach organizations use to rapidly identify, vet, and automate as many business and IT processes as possible…they’re not just buying one technology…they’re buying multiple technology that they need to architect together.”

Forrester predicted that “leading CIOs will embrace cloud-first and platform strategies for speed and adaptiveness, eschewing stovepipes for end-to-end solutions.”

Humans plus machines are the new normal

I’m trusting this decade will at last stop last century either-or discusses setting people in opposition to machines. The most noteworthy performing associations will see how to consistently install advanced innovations to support human efficiency.

One of the assumptions behind Gartner’s most recent forecasts was that “everything that can and should be automated will be automated. Everything else must be augmented.” Their vision is that machines will automate 80 percent of cycles, presenting data to help people in decision making.

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Industry pioneers combine into innovation powerhouses

Some experts said that more Machine + Human activities will be more visible. New commers will also thrive for this type of technology in order for them to survive the fast phase robotic world. Tech giants will also be open for acquiring small enterprises to help them build a sustainable product. Pioneers will combine their technology which will give them an edge in this modern-day age of innovations and technologies.

Resistance to digital transformation is non-sense.

Change is inevitable. If you can’t keep up with the phase, then there is no room for you and your company in this modern world. It is either you adapt or you drop. I’m pretty sure no one prefer the latter. Digital natives were already there, and those who are not willing to transform will never get there.

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