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Data Transmission solutions for lithium battery industry by ODOT.

Our partner, ODOT Automation, provides solutions for lithium battery industry.

There is a steady growth of the demand for lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries and 3C products; especially the production scale of lithium batteries is booming in USA now since Redwood Materials decide to move the battery component business from Asia to the US. 

The lithium-ion batteries represent modern high-performance batteries and it is widely used in many industries such as smart phones, electric vehicles, power tools and digital cameras.


With the rapid development of lithium battery industry, the production line of lithium battery provided by upstream equipment suppliers must not only meet the technological performance, but also meet many technical indexes such as high-speed response, accurate positioning and reliable operation. This puts forward higher requirements for matching products of lithium battery production line.

ODOT Automation, as a data collection solution provider, its products are widely used in machinery industry, energy industry, process control industry, logistics industry, intelligent factory, building HVAC, industrial robot, etc.


Machinery 1

With communication solutions from controller to sensors and actuators via the most popular fieldbuses and ETHERNET standards and unique backplane communication technology, ODOT products is now well recognized by many customers.

Below it shows the ODOT EtherNet/IP slave solutions for a domestic well-known lithium battery production equipment supplier. The master control system uses Omorn CJ2M PLC, and it applies EtherNET/IP protocol and remote IO communication to realize the control of different processes on the production line. Each production line of the system integrator has 2 to 3 EtherNET/IP IO slave. Through this project, ODOT fully displayed her C series remote IO with its strong expansion and high stability.


Beside the robust product quality, ODOT also have 24/7 services. In order to meet the needs of customers on site commissioning, our company dispatched engineers to the site to assist in debugging to make the project efficient and fast progress.

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