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IPC Market: $6.1 billion by 2026

Based on a new research report, the worldwide Industrial PC Market is predicted to attain USD 6.1 billion through 2026 from USD 4.6 billion in 2021, developing at a CAGR of 5.8%. The market boom is fueled through growing call for commercial IoT, a constant shift in the direction of digitalized production from conventional methods, developing consciousness for optimization in production industries, and stringent regulatory compliances.

Panel IPCs are the commonly used commercial PCs in industries for data collection and operations. These PCs are designed to perform in rugged industrial environments to satisfy the necessities of visualization applications in the production industries. The exclusive functions of panel IPCs consist of compact chassis, excessive performance, better flexibility, safety, and easy to use touchscreens.

Direct sales channel gives numerous benefits to the IPC manufacturers; they cater to the customization necessities of the end-user industries and get rid of resellers’ markup and the charges and dangers related carrying large finished goods inventories. Due to those factors, the market for direct sales channels is anticipated to develop at highest rate during the forecast period.

The discrete industries are frequently characterized by the manufacturing of individual or separate units; in which units may be produced in lower volume with excessive complexity or excessive volumes with low complexity. Growing demand for better process flexibility and higher efficiency, complete integration of fine and regulatory requirements, harmonized process for optimum supply chain management, and the consistent strain of lowering maintenance and operation cost in the discrete industries are predicted to propel the adoption of IPCs in those industries in the near future. In addition, the arrival of novel technology and materials, increasing players venturing in the markets, and growing necessity of sustained plant productiveness and efficiency, amongst others, are predicted to fuel the boom of IPC market for the discrete industries.

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The IPC market in Asia-Pacific is predicted to grow at the best CAGR throughout 2021—2026. Rapid industrialization, growing infrastructural investments in energy sector, and favorable government rules encouraging foreign players to go into the IPC market in APAC are predicted to enhance the boom of the market throughout the forecast period. High-end medical device manufacturers are focused on geographical expansions because of the developing call for healthcare services, growing concern related to health, and growing investments in Research and Development. This will probably fuel the increase in IPC market in Asia-Pacific throughout the forecast period.

Article inspired from PRNewswire.

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