Introduction to MLP Rapid Embedded Prototyping

MPL partners of Ti2 have been developing and manufacturing embedded systems and solutions in computing and network for tough environments, highest reliability requirements and with long-term availability since 1985. The application areas have broadened, same electronics but each application area uses or needs different packaging and connectors in today’s products. MPL leads the market with their capability of customisation for a standard product to the specific needs and flexibility.

The standard solutions are generally available from stock and therefore testing can start immediately on their combined embedded computer board and server, switch, firewall, etc from the standard product portfolio to verify the functionality and feasibility. During the feasibility check, the consumer will often see any additional requests which need to be developed such as: specific connectors, integration of additional features or footprint limitations and so on. With the above approach, the costs and time can be reduced to a bare minimum.

MPL Rapid Embedded Prototyping is just that with the functional prototype, the requirements from the user’s point of view are clarified and the most critical design decisions are secured. The core task of the prototype is then fulfilled and the actual development can begin in parallel during the verification process. The expression ‘rapid’ in prototyping plays a special role because different variants can be implemented quickly, and unclear things can be resolved immediately.

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