Softing edgePlug Software Simplifies Machine Connectivity for Siemens Industrial Edge

Softing edgePlug Software Simplifies Machine Connectivity for Siemens Industrial Edge

Softing edgePlug software is a part of Siemens Industrial Edge marketplace, where the products connect Siemens PLC to business applications through Siemens Industrial Edge. It offers an easy provision of data control for the Siemens Industrial Edge applications. 

Siemens IE exploits the full potential of machine and plant data as an open, ready-to-use edge computing platform that consists of Edge devices, apps, connectivity, application, and device management infrastructure. Data is processed locally, and in real-time, whether it is in production machines, machine tools, processes, and plants, practical use of data will optimise workflow, improve quality, and save resources.

Why does this matter? When data storage and transmission are conveniently tracked and processed, this lightens the load on the IT infrastructure as not all data is transmitted to the network. Industrial Edge also gives you the control to decide which data will be processed locally and which can be optionally transferred to the cloud for further analysis and processing. 

In manufacturing, edge computing allows manufacturers to automate across factory floor and supply chain processes, utilising advanced robotics and machine-to-machine communication. Edge gives faster and shorter bandwidth capacity since it is closer to the source and doesn’t require a long process of sending data to the server, further waiting for analysis and response.

With Docker and Softing edgePlug support, you can extend the range of apps for production and manufacturing with very little effort through central management and automated tasks. Industrial Edge is quick and easy to integrate with existing automation and environment. 

Softing’s edgePlug software is a Linux-based Docker container that can be downloaded from the Siemens Edge marketplace. Once downloaded, you will have full access to services and features within the Siemens connectivity suite. Simply configure and manage edgePlug centrally through the Siemens Industrial Hub (IIH). Using Softing edgePlug software will eliminate the need to deploy expensive hardware, specialised to enable or to manage connectivity. 

Softing developed edgePlug products for older Siemens PLCs that don’t have OPC UA or MQTT connectivity. The edgePlug uses Ethernet to connect to controllers and is ideal for any edge, cloud, or on-premise application that requires access to plant floor data. To access the data, applications use the OPC UA servers or MQTT brokers available in the Siemens Industrial Edge.

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Within the Siemens Industrial Edge itself, you can automate and control components and variables such as, for example, speed, electricity consumption, vibration, etc., to determine machine operation and maintenance. With industrial ‘IoT-as-a-service’, Industrial Edge integrates with AWS and Microsoft Azure, and the marketplace stands as a transshipment point between app developers and Edge users. 


Softing edgePlug provides access to SINUMERIK 840D CNC data, delivering the information seamlessly into the Siemens Industrial Edge. It also provides access to FANUC data.

Here’s a quick rundown of the two products, along with their respective PLCs:

  • edgePlug SINUMERIK CNC gives you access to data from Siemens 840D CNC controllers. In addition to machine data, it provides production data like drive current, axis positioning and tool data including the magazines.
  • edgePlug FANUC CNC will enable you to read machine and manufacturing data from FANUC CNC products, including 30i-B, 31i-B, 32i-B, 35i-B and 0i-F.

Meanwhile, Industrial Edge can run on various hardware – SIMATIC controllers and HMIs, industrial PCs (embedded to server PCs or personal virtualisation infrastructure (e.g. VMWare ESXI), certified Edge devices from Industrial Edge ecosystem partners, and others.

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The Edge system will monitor all connected devices, install and update apps and software, and transfer functions from the cloud to the local manufacturing system. With Softing edgePlug software, simplifying machine connectivity to business apps for the Siemens Industrial Edge will be easier, faster, and smarter. 

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