Switches for industry networks

The Ethernet and PROFINET switches from Helmholz is able to make the familiar better, solves tasks more elegantly, designing small and simple components as possible, and with good suitability for use. Since the data traffic in industrial systems usually takes place in the Ethernet switches which makes it more important to increase the requirements for industrial machine networks.

Helmholz Switches

Ethernet and PROFINET switches

Switches are one of the most important components in the network since data transfers happens between the switches and controllers, PLCs, and other network participants. Minor optimizations has a noticeable effects on these components which applies to the design, since the control cabinets space is limited.

Ethernet switches from Helmholz has a high compact design with a standard of a 49 mm with in the 5 port version and a 65 mm for an 8 ports version, that can be used in a variety of industrial applications. Installation on the DIN rail will be suitable with the light and robust industrial design and it is easy to integrate into the network. It is a plug&play solution which makes it more easy to operate and are immediate to use once it was plugged in.

With the absence of the frame prioritizing and the related data load in many machines in the PROFINET networks should be view in caution when using Ethernet switches although it is best to use PROFINET switches as the alternative in this one.

PROFINET switches has one important functions that prioritized the PROFINET frames in the machine network. Differentiating if the frame is a web query. an FTP file transmission, a media stream, or a PROFINET frame will be possible when using the right switch. The important frame will be prioritize to prevent frame losses when a high transmission load happens. This is the clear distinction between Ethernet and PROFINET.

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